Weidy · Customized Solutions

You are not only buying electronic components, but also solutions that match
your corporate strengths and product positioning
  • 《Selection solution》

    ——solving product selection problems
    Product Package A
    Product package B
    Product package C
  • 《Customization solution》

    ——solving special product customization
    Raw Materials Customization
    Dimension Customization
    Parameter Customization
    Process Customization
  • 《Process solution》

    ——solving product process reconfiguration problems
    Curing treatment
    Leads treatment
    Shape treatment
  • 《Technical solution》

    ——solving product functional implementation problems
    Special chip design
    Product plastic sealing
    One-on-one testing
  • 《Low-cost solution》

    ——solving product cost performance problems
    High quality
    Excellent performance
    Long service life
  • Weidy · Solutions List

    Weidy multi-dimensional solutions
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